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Peter C Whitaker


I am a writer without constraint. My work is not limited to any single genre, the story comes first, and everything else is second. On this page there are links to my social media accounts, just click on a button. You are welcome to contact me by email if there is anything about my writing that you want to discuss, I always respond.

Mail: petecwhit@gmail.com


07 July 2020

The Devil Within Us is the title of my new novel and it is almost ready for publication. I have posted a sneak preview and teaser description on the tab above, or follow this link. I have also redesigned the covers to my Saxon books that comprise The Sorrow Song Trilogy. Take a look on my Sorrow Song 1066 tab up above. Or use this link.

During the writing of The Devil Within Us I have been recording my progress with a series of posts on my blog. If you would like to see the mechanics of my writing techniques then just click on the Wordpress icon above or simply left click on this useful link.

In the meantime, I hope that you and yours are all staying safe!