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Peter C Whitaker


I am a writer without constraint. My work is not limited to any single genre, the story comes first, and everything else is second. On this page there are links to my social media accounts, just click on a button. You are welcome to contact me by email if there is anything about my writing that you want to discuss, I always respond.

Mail: petecwhit@gmail.com


07 January 2020

Here is wishing you a happy New Year! I spent most of the holiday season off-line, both socially and occupationally. I did manage to keep writing my blog, which is available by clicking on the Wordpress icon above.

I have not been doing much writing of late. Partly this is due to the season, and partly due to having finished The Queen of the Mountain and deciding to have a break. I am not sure when I might start again but I am sure that I will at some point.