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Peter C Whitaker

The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom

A different kind of fantasy.

An ancient kingdom has existed on the Holy Mountain of Oroson for 5,000 years. The last King of the Pareb Dynasty is dying and his only child is the Princess Saran, but women cannot rule on the Holy Mountain.

Saran is not like most women of Oroson, however. She has determined to take her father’s crown and safeguard his legacy of peace and reconciliation. After the years of cruelty from her uncle, the mad King Vitor it is what the people want and need.

Enemies oppose Saran on every side. The Old People, armed with an arcane magick, want their Holy Mountain back and they are willing to kill to do it. The Heir Presumptive wants to see his noble House on the throne. The Kingdom of Apidacea plots to conquer Oroson. The High Church of Oroson will never allow a woman to hold a position of authority over men.

Her allies are few but they include a veteran mercenary soldier returned to Oroson, a secret and outlawed Order of Priestesses, and, perhaps the most powerful and dangerous of all, a Sorceress steeped in ancient magick.

Before peace can return to the Holy Mountain of Oroson many fights are to be won, not all of them with musket and cannon.

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